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From Bleak House to My House: A Second Look at Vitamin D

This morning, I noticed that UK news was alight with stories about how the UK National Health Service and NICE are recommending daily vitamin D. In the UK, they are giving out low-dose vitamin D like chocolate at drugstores, groceries, … Continue reading

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Seeing Your Doctor for Prevention,
Treating On Your Own: A Report from the Field

First off, let me be clear: what I report below I am not recommending. My first obligation is to my readers. Also, I am grateful to Brooke Binkowski, a stellar journalist-friend, who spontaneously emailed me this story this morning. It … Continue reading

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Cardiovascular Care and the Bush Effect

It’s too soon to tell whether former President George W. Bush’s stent to open his coronary artery will change how Americans receive cardiovascular care, but I certainly have my worries. If the argument to aggressively search for cardiac disease in … Continue reading

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Confused About What Health Reform Has to Offer:
Sept. 23rd Marks One Year with New Patient Protections

You may not love every single bit of health reform coming down the pike, but make no mistake about it: new patient protections that went into effect one year ago had their one-year anniversary Sept. 23. I think health reform, … Continue reading

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Preventing Falls in Hotel Bathtubs

I wouldn’t have considered posting this, except that I am in the WordCount Blogathon and don’t want to miss a day. I fell in a hotel bathtub in a “boutique luxury” hotel this morning, arrive late to a meeting, and … Continue reading

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