WordCount Blogathon Opens Door to Unusual Patient Stories

On May 1, I joined the Word Count Blogathon, and already, I am meeting bloggers who have amazing stories to tell about the healthcare system. Among the stories that I hope to share with you are the following:

  • What happens when a deaf woman gets care in a hospital;
  • How a support group helps women have a vaginal birth after a cesarean section;
  • How a person is managing with rheumatoid arthritis;
  • What gets lost in translation when a patient does not speak English;
  • How a husband and wife face gender reassignment surgery;
  • A young woman who is starting public health school in the fall;
  • How a parent deals with mental health issues with her kids.

I am thrilled that these stories are fresh and important accounts of what transpires in our healthcare system. Some bloggers will be guest bloggers here and I will swap posts with them, other stories, I will tell.

This post is short. Writing the macular degeneration drug story took a lot of energy and I have to pace myself. Since I am aiming to post each day this month, you can expect a few stories like that each week, but certainly not every day. I am also interested in any stories that you have to tell.

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