Happy Dogmatic New Year’s: Here’s How You Lose Weight

I don’t have any magic bullets on weight loss to show you here, but in the spirit of this blog, I give you some voices from the street.

When the topic of weight loss came up in a phone call yesterday, a close friend advised: “Don’t make anything too interesting or tasty…because if you do, you are liable to overeat. Keep it simple. If it takes work, just forget about it.” She is using a grit-your-teeth and just do-it-strategy. This approach has a certain appeal to me. Why pretend that you are embarking on a fun adventure when you are not? I’ll probably incorporate some of this…that is as long as I can stand it.

I’ve learned a lot about portion size, tracking, not missing meals, and such over the countless forays into the world of weight loss over my years. So I’ve got some basics.

Remember those days of “eat at least five fish meals a week” with Weight Watchers…oh did I lose!! But by the third day of the third week, I thought I developed arthritis of the mouth. With a forkful of fish in my mouth, I couldn’t chew. I nearly threw up. (a feat when there is nothing in your stomach to bring up)

Yep, there’s tons of stuff out on keeping it simple, packaged foods, and prepare ahead. Another idea that my friend suggested was to: “Just buy prepared grilled chicken breasts.” She says that they are everywhere, but somehow I’ve never noticed. Recommendations anyone? She didn’t point me anywhere.

Now we’ve got the new fad: exercise in 10-minute spurts. I am eager to see how that advice pans out. But for inherently sedentary me, I might give it a go.

Another person recommended the app myfitnesspal.com. I signed up yesterday (apparently before, but I only discovered this when I tried to open a new account) …and I am so conflicted about these apps and mobile tracking. You’ve got Eric Topol running around pitching them like they are the penultimate answer to health, happiness, and the end of doctors. What does he know? I am skeptical about taking advice from anyone that tall and lanky. Then skeptics like Harlan Krumholz question the data…you have to realize that Topol and Krumholz are not weight-loss gurus. We live with uncertainty.

Then I’ve got yet another friend who says: “You don’t need those apps. Just exercise and eat right.” That’s easy for someone who just naturally loves being fit and eating healthfully…but I DO NEED SOMETHING.

I am resisting the hucksters, entrepreneurs, and evangelists…although I am still tempted by some magic item, say a Bosu ball. Anything bigger than 12 x 12 won’t fit into a New York City apartment.

Remember those old Jack LaLanne machines where you could stand and they’d claim to just grind all the fat away from your thighs if you could stand the friction…if only. You can hope.

I can’t stand the idea of paying big bucks to some weight loss center (and they are growing in leaps and bounds) or support group when I could run these places. I don’t have the bucks…and oh, there’s the regression back to baseline and worse.

I think you have to have a certain sense of humor about yourself, your fat self, and trying to lose weight. I wish we could laugh about it together a bit more – and stop being so judgmental. Plus people need to be nice to you and not offer gratuitous advice. We need some new ideas, nothing dogmatic as far as I am concerned, better ways to compassionately be together. Some more spontaneity, originality, that doesn’t involve paying out – how about that?

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6 Responses to Happy Dogmatic New Year’s: Here’s How You Lose Weight

  1. Marilyn Mann says:

    Weight Watchers chicken breasts are 140 calories and very convenient.

  2. Ricki Lewis says:

    Try a class! I looked in the mirror at zumba today and saw 2 dozen smiling people. It is so much fun you don’t even realize how many calories you’re burning. There’s no trick, no gizmo, no book, no app. Exercise must be a part of every day — and last past January.

  3. Kathy says:

    You are funny. Just caught myself reading Dr oz on fast weight loss-tho they do have some good recipes. If only I liked cooking. My diet site has good recipes too, I carefully copy them all. You didn’t mention the Geo Forman grill !

  4. manzarm says:

    Nice article, you have mentioned. people should have certain sense of humor about yourself.

  5. St. Anthony Health Care says:

    I admire your efforts into improving yourself. Trackers and fancy gizmos can be a little tricky (and expensive), but maybe keeping track of yourself will help. Because it really is all about diet and exercise.

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