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Are Dense-Breast, Right-to-Know Laws Helpful?

In a victory for the dense-breast patient movement, Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA) signed legislation last week requiring that doctors who discover that women have dense breasts on mammography must inform women that: dense breasts are a risk factor for breast … Continue reading

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Is the Bar High Enough for Screening
Breast Ultrasounds for Dense Breasts?

In a unanimous decision yesterday, FDA approved the first breast ultrasound imaging system for dense breast tissue “for use in combination with a standard mammography in women with dense breast tissue who have a negative mammogram and no symptoms of … Continue reading

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Six Outrageous Threats to Labor and The Public’s Health

  When public policy undermines the public’s health, patient empowerment is not really on the table. Patients may be well informed, doctors may share unbiased, good information, but if public policy does not support public health, patient empowerment is just … Continue reading

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