Haiku for May Blogathon 2011

Bad eyes, bad knees, bad back.
what I can’t prevent,
I endure.
—Richard Robinson

What the right gets wrong:
Gay’s not a lifestyle but a
life; and life’s best shared.

“Defend” marriage? From
couples devoted for years?
The heart knows that’s wrong.

Spring, summer, autumn,
winter. Gay, straight; young, then old;
love makes sense of time.

The gate to marriage
should be left open for all;
keys in every heart.
—Steve Silberman contributing editor, Wired magazine NeuroTribes http://blogs.plos.org/neurotribes/

how do payrolls grow
while joblessness grows as well
that does seem too clear

those who work earn more
as more people have no work
who pays attention?

we once drank sugar
in the Coca-Cola drink
now that costs too much

it’s a grand racket
of hi-fructose corn syrup
to grow fat on Coke.

who we love or hate
are mysteries in our lives
We cannot know why.

symmetry is found
where forms mirror each other.
do your words do that?

Through the morning air
I hear a baby crying.
It cannot be me.
-Dolores Rogers

Popping with morning farts
I grasp at the new day
projects of greatness

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  1. Dolores Rogers says:

    How grand to be included in this!

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