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Seeing Your Doctor for Prevention,
Treating On Your Own: A Report from the Field

First off, let me be clear: what I report below I am not recommending. My first obligation is to my readers. Also, I am grateful to Brooke Binkowski, a stellar journalist-friend, who spontaneously emailed me this story this morning. It … Continue reading

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End-of-Year Donations Help World’s Poor Get Basic Health

Patient POV tends to take up issues concerning American healthcare policy and patients in the United States. But we’ve just had a national election and the American public clearly rejected steps backward in healthcare. Considering that this is the holiday … Continue reading

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Underused, Shingles Vaccine Beset with Problems

If you talk with people who have had shingles, many will tell you that it took a terrible toll on them and that they wish that they could forget about the entire experience. Some can’t. “Freddy” had shingles three years … Continue reading

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