Want Quality Care for Wet Macular Degeneration:
Patients Know Little About MD Biases, Experience

Tweet Just about a year ago, I reported the one-year results for the Comparison of AMD Treatments Trial (CATT), which compared Lucentis, the high-cost injectable medication made by Genentech with Avastin, also made by Genentech. A lot has happened in the past year in macular degeneration, including the release of two-year CATT results and the

On Disclosure, Transparency, and Firewalls: A Call for Uniform Standards

Tweet Since Patient POV was launched March 29, I have been struggling with how to deal with the issue of industry-supported patient advocacy groups. On Thursday, ProPublica released its paper: “Financial Ties Bind Medical Societies to Drug and Device Makers” with a splash. A billboard from a medical device company near the Moscone Center, site