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AARP: Stakeholder for Waste and Moneyed Interests?

AARP, you lost whatever presumed credibility you thought you had with one article in the current issue of your magazine. I am talking about the hard copy of “All the President’s Scans: Our Commander in Chief Regularly Gets An Extensive … Continue reading

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Back Pain Treatment Trends Worth Reversing

It may just be the American way –pull out all the stops and try anything or everything at great expense when it comes to medical care. Today’s post takes up how well the United States is doing at providing back … Continue reading

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Stand Up and Learn the Tradeoffs
Of Using Medical Imaging for Your Kids

My last post raised questions about the overuse of CT imaging in children, which researchers projected could prove hazardous to kids in the form of excess solid tumors at some point in the kid’s lifetime. It’s one study, but as … Continue reading

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