Healthcare Price Transparency: A Look at Aetna’s Web-Based Tool

Tweet   Illustration source: Vermont Health Connect, Would you look at comparative price information for procedures like an MRI, sleep study, or colonoscopy before you selected where to have a procedure done? Would you like to have fewer surprises on what you will pay before you go in for these procedures? Price transparency in

Delay of Generics Hurts Consumer,
Taxpayer Wallets, and Patient Health

Tweet   To insure patent extensions of high-priced, blockbuster drugs, brand-name drug companies frequently pay generic drug manufacturers to stay out of the market. It makes cheaper, more affordable generic unavailable for years. The strategy is referred to as “Pay for Delay.” The Federal Trade Commission has lots of information on this problem and its

Pre-ACA, Insured Face Exorbitant Costs.
With Accountable Care Act, People Will See Caps, Save $$

Tweet Vast numbers of Americans do not understand how the Affordable Care Act will make their expenditures for healthcare a heck of a lot more affordable. I am talking about the 80% of American voters who have insurance now, who misguidedly think it has them covered. Medical bankruptcies are up and they are happening to