Cardiovascular Care and the Bush Effect

Tweet It’s too soon to tell whether former President George W. Bush’s stent to open his coronary artery will change how Americans receive cardiovascular care, but I certainly have my worries. If the argument to aggressively search for cardiac disease in asymptomatic people wins out, I see my healthcare premiums rising precipitously and continuing in

Patient POV’s Most Popular and Important Posts in 2012

Tweet Here they are: the most popular and important posts on Patient POV this year: The Top 10 Reasons Why Warren Buffett’s to Treat Prostate Cancer Bugs Me This post got me on the radio for the very first time in my life a very short segment on Ira Flatow’s Science Friday. I love radio

Are Dense-Breast, Right-to-Know Laws Helpful?

Tweet In a victory for the dense-breast patient movement, Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA) signed legislation last week requiring that doctors who discover that women have dense breasts on mammography must inform women that: dense breasts are a risk factor for breast cancer; mammography sees cancer less well in dense breasts than in normal breasts; and