1 Response to PCORI Invites Public to Research Workgroups:
Treating Asthma in African-Americans, Hispanics Tomorrow

  1. PCORI says:

    The workgroup meeting is open to the public through a free webinar and teleconference. Individuals can register through the PCORI website: http://www.pcori.org/events

    A public comment period will be provided from 12:45-1:00 p.m. ET for individuals to provide comments or questions through the teleconference line. Instructions on how to provide will be explained during the event by the workshop’s moderators and the teleconference administrator.

    In addition to the public comment period, individuals can ask questions or provide input through:

    • A page on the PCORI website that allows you to ask questions and upload any supporting information you may have
    • By email to asthma@pcori.org
    • By using the chat function on the webinar page during the meeting.
    • By joining the conversation on Twitter during the meeting using the #PCORI hashtag

    Comments and questions about this topic can be provided to PCORI through Friday, March 15. All of the input received will be considered by PCORI as it develops targeted funding announcements to address this important health issue.

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