At Last, Women’s Essential Health
Benefits Now In Health Reform

This is a great day for women’s health — and we need many more like these as we go forward. The day has come when health reform is actually helping women, giving women parity with men. I’ll be running a guest post directly in front of this today more in the spirit of this blog, from the patient’s point of view.

It’s ironic that this blog has taken up so much ink on prostate cancer recently, because I have been involved in pushing for women’s health for decades, before Roe v. Wade, home pregnancy tests, the HPV vaccine, and even HIV.

We really need to join forces to make sure that the #waronwomen is stopped in its tracks.

Abortion must remain legal without obstacles. The mandatory ultrasound, waiting periods, psych consults, need to stop. We need our contraception, and well woman visits.

We need to expose who is behind these regressive policies and get them out of our lives. Enuf said. Don’t sit still. Organize. Stay tuned for guest blog.




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