PatientPOV to Look at Dollars
And Value in Healthcare

Today, I am announcing that PatientPOV will make a concerted effort to take up economic issues and value in healthcare because changes are afoot.

Everyone from health policy wonks, elected officials, and health insurers are pressing for getting value for services rendered (e.g. labs, procedures, surgery), rather than simply chalking up a lot of procedures and high-cost procedures with inattention to whether they help patients. As the environment which people find themselves shifts towards a push for getting more value per buck, as well as shifting more costs to the public, I wonder whether it is foolhardy to continue dodging complex discussions about this.

We all stand a better chance of pressing for equitable high-quality care if we are informed about the backdrop that we face, understanding its strengths and limitations. Only then can we have leverage for healthcare on fair terms.


As part of this shift, later this week, I will coverĀ a new study of a web-based tool introduced by an insurer that aims to give enrollees transparent price information, including their own out-of-pocket costs prior to getting specific procedures. Even though there are hurdles to sharing such information, these tools are proliferating.

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And Value in Healthcare

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