WordCount Blogathon 2011 Wordle for Patient POV

Patient POV Keywords so far

This post is a suggested assignment from the Word Count Blogathon 2011, which is concluding May 31, 2011.

For my blog, I am not thrilled with this cloud. The program Wordle supposedly scanned my blog and picked out keywords.

However, Wordle missed a lot of the posts done outside of the past two weeks so this is an inaccurate representation of what’s been discussed here. Moreover, I have spent a lot of time deleting some useless phrases and clearly missed some.

Anyway, that’s it for tonight.

Back to regularly scheduled blog posts in the AM.



Join the Conversation: Patient POV Steps Up Posting In May

Because I have not been getting posts up more than once a week, I decided to join Word Count’s Blogathon. It starts today (May 1). A blogathon is a challenge, much like a marathon race or triathlon, to focus your energy on writing and improve it. One of the positive results that I hope will come from daily blogging is more ease with writing, structure, and discipline—something that self-employed people like me particularly need.

Many people outside of the journalism and blogging community do not understand blogging. Some may think that blogging is inevitably a narcissistic drain on their energy. Some bloggers are like that.

I hope that you give me a chance. I want to open debate on thorny issues. I want you to participate. If you contribute stories about your experience with healthcare, maybe more spaces will open up for providing the kind of quality healthcare people want. Without a voice, we don’t even know what that looks like. If healthcare is to work for you, your point of view needs to be heard in organizing care, whether and what you pay for it, in choosing your medication regimen, and so much more.

The blogathon lasts for 31 days. In my more anxious moments, I think: “What the heck am I doing? Nobody wants to read this stuff.”  That was brought home to me earlier this week when I saw my excellent periodontist, who coincidentally shares many of my interests. Responding to an email I sent him announcing my blog, he said: “I hate to tell you. I don’t do blogs.” Maybe he’ll change his mind. But I am not focusing on that. What I want are more people to feel included here. I think the more people contributing, the more likely the discussion takes on a life of its own and change in healthcare become.

Please give me your feedback. By the way, if the posts get to be overkill, let me know too. I don’t want to destroy a good thing. I’ll gladly drop the blogathon to not annoy you.

Right after this post, you will see a button for comments. Please comment there –or send me an email to patientpov “at” gmail “dot” com. Follow me, converse with me on twitter at lauranewmanny.