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Are Pediatric Guidelines for Statins Too Aggressive?

If, instead of following the adult guidelines, doctors used pediatric guidelines to identify teens with high LDL-levels, and if universal screening was in place, another 400,000 adolescents would be taking statins. Would that increase be good or bad? Doctors disagree. … Continue reading

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Stand Up and Learn the Tradeoffs
Of Using Medical Imaging for Your Kids

My last post raised questions about the overuse of CT imaging in children, which researchers projected could prove hazardous to kids in the form of excess solid tumors at some point in the kid’s lifetime. It’s one study, but as … Continue reading

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CT Scans Overused in Kids, Upping Lifetime Risk for Cancer

The next time that you take your daughter or son to the doctor, try to put out of your mind that the more tests done, the better. Fishing expeditions to come up with a diagnosis are all too common in … Continue reading

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