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Will Patients Win with Transparent Hospital-Bill Mandates?

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Tweet If you had a chance to read Steve Brill’s enormous piece on outrageous hospital bills in Time earlier this year, you probably found it an eye-opener.  Speaking before Physicians for a National Health Program meeting in New York last … Continue reading

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Top 10 Issues Driving My Vote for Obama

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Tweet Obamacare Upcoming Supreme Court appointments Roe v. Wade Same sex marriage Preservation of Medicare and Medicaid Planned Parenthood The Dream Act Climate change Lily Ledbetter Act Saving FEMA This list is hardly exhaustive. Got friends or relatives wavering this … Continue reading

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Medicare Case a Win For Patients
With Chronic, Debilitating Conditions, Disabilities

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Tweet Patients on Medicare with chronic conditions and disabilities will no longer have to show improvement to get skilled care and therapy services, according to a proposed settlement of a class action suit, Jimmo v. Sebelius. The settlement clarifies the … Continue reading

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Six Outrageous Threats to Labor and The Public’s Health

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Tweet   When public policy undermines the public’s health, patient empowerment is not really on the table. Patients may be well informed, doctors may share unbiased, good information, but if public policy does not support public health, patient empowerment is … Continue reading

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How Avoidable are Hospital Readmissions for Heart Failure?

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Tweet I knew an elderly man who suffered from heart failure. Every few years, he would get to the point where he couldn’t walk very far, his feet swelled, and he had repeated hospitalizations to get stabilized and get his … Continue reading

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Underused, Shingles Vaccine Beset with Problems

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Tweet If you talk with people who have had shingles, many will tell you that it took a terrible toll on them and that they wish that they could forget about the entire experience. Some can’t. “Freddy” had shingles three … Continue reading

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My $5,000 Tooth and the Institute of Medicine Dental Report

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Tweet What a coincidence! The Institute of Medicine released a report today titled Improving Access to Oral Health Care for Vulnerable and Underserved Populations and I am one step further in my saga of trying to save a tooth! It … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s Disease Issues – Day 2:
Let’s Keep the Conversation Going

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Tweet I spent today at an all day Alzheimer’s meeting, taking notes and tweeting. I am also exhausted. Many of you know that this is my 23rd consecutive day blogging here. There are a lot of pluses to posting every … Continue reading

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When Colorectal Cancer Screening is Too Much, Too Frequent, or Not Enough

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Tweet No other disease advocacy group has built as effective an awareness campaign as the cancer societies. It has helped to build support for prevention, research, and treatments, but I wonder whether excess awareness could be contributing to the overuse … Continue reading

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