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Making Gender Justice, Birth Control,
And Abortion Access Health Priorities

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Tweet Women’s health and life are under fire in the United States and around the world. Here are  issues that health policymakers need to incorporate into health quality. It’s time to stop marginalizing them. Last week, women’s groups coordinated by … Continue reading

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Mental Health for the 99% Following Hurricane Sandy

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Tweet Two weeks after Hurricane Sandy and a Nor’Easter that left thousands of New Yorkers without light, heat, and power for weeks, many New Yorkers were understandably shaken. Some had endured 911 and the disruption, though of an entirely different … Continue reading

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Immigration and Healthcare: No Talking Points This Election

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Tweet This week, I will be attending a two-day meeting on immigration and healthcare.  It’s not an area that I know a lot about and I am interested in your thoughts on the topic. Presidential candidates are not discussing the … Continue reading

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My $5,000 Tooth and the Institute of Medicine Dental Report

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Tweet What a coincidence! The Institute of Medicine released a report today titled Improving Access to Oral Health Care for Vulnerable and Underserved Populations and I am one step further in my saga of trying to save a tooth! It … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Comes Early: Notes on Gil Scott-Heron and Black Health in America

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Tweet I can’t give you the news the way poet Gil-Scott Heron would, but I can imagine some of the social realities that would move him to poetry and song. It’s a nasty time for blacks and African Americans in … Continue reading

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It’s a Sign III—Deaf Access to Health Care

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Tweet This post is a guest post by Billie Noakes, a freelance writer, storyteller, and children’s author living in Pinellas FL. She also makes lace, is learning to garden, and a blogger in this year’s Word Count Blogathon, aka #blog2011. … Continue reading

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The Incredible Shrinking Oncology Workforce

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Tweet LC1, the insured lung cancer patient whose search for an oncologist described in last week’s post, is not alone. If more Americans realized that they might not find an oncologist or other specialist provider, they could help drive changes … Continue reading

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