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Vitamin D and Postmenopausal Women:
Another Case of Overuse?

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Tweet If you talk to postmenopausal women, you learn that a large proportion of women are told to take vitamin D to bolster bone health, prevent osteoporosis, and fractures. This was used so widely in New York City that a … Continue reading

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On the Skyrocketing Costs
Of MS Drugs: A Patient Point of View

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Tweet Last week, Daniel M. Hartung, PharmD, MPH, and coauthors, published an open-access article in Neurology on astronomical increases in disease-modifying drugs for multiple sclerosis (MS) –many developed decades ago. Notably, they report that first-generation drugs — now cost about … Continue reading

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Homecare Workers Flood #fightfor15 Rallies,
Wait for President Obama to Act

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Tweet Homecare and direct care workers were out in droves last night in New York’s #fightfor15 rally that stretched from Columbus Circle to Times Square. Initially billed as an event for fast-food and retail workers, the #fightfor15 day expanded to … Continue reading

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Are Pediatric Guidelines for Statins Too Aggressive?

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Tweet If, instead of following the adult guidelines, doctors used pediatric guidelines to identify teens with high LDL-levels, and if universal screening was in place, another 400,000 adolescents would be taking statins. Would that increase be good or bad? Doctors … Continue reading

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As Chicagoans Vote for Mayor, A Trauma Center And
A Presidential Library Hang in the Balance

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Tweet The national discussion of whether #blacklivesmatter or which lives matter comes into sharp focus when you consider the lack of trauma centers on Chicago’s southside. That’s where the vast majority of gun violence occurs and where a trauma center … Continue reading

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On Brian Williams and You and Your Doctor’s Memory

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Tweet Guest post by Blair Bolles Memories are back in the news these days. Folks are lambasting NBC’s Nightly News Anchor, Brian Williams, as a Pinocchio, building up a record of having led a more exciting life than truth allows. … Continue reading

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Seeing Your Doctor for Prevention,
Treating On Your Own: A Report from the Field

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Tweet First off, let me be clear: what I report below I am not recommending. My first obligation is to my readers. Also, I am grateful to Brooke Binkowski, a stellar journalist-friend, who spontaneously emailed me this story this morning. … Continue reading

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Nursing Homes for People of Color:
Still Segregated, Still Unequal

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Tweet If Martin Luther King, Jr. was alive today, he would be 86. If he was like many elderly black Americans, he might well end up in a nursing home ranked lower in quality and with less well-trained nursing staff … Continue reading

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Happy Dogmatic New Year’s: Here’s How You Lose Weight

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Tweet I don’t have any magic bullets on weight loss to show you here, but in the spirit of this blog, I give you some voices from the street. When the topic of weight loss came up in a phone … Continue reading

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2014 Drug Issues: Where’s the Data, Product Hopping, Inappropriate Use, and What’s Come and Gone

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Tweet For 2015, I’d love to see headway in clamping down on drugs that don’t work, tighter regulation of inappropriate drug marketing, and more open data and transparency from industry. Is it pie-in-the-sky? Maybe. But let’s work towards it. Patients need … Continue reading

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