NAPWA Folds, Leaving $700K in Debt

Tweet The National Association of People with AIDS (NAPWA) has closed down and it has filed for bankruptcy and liquidation. People familiar with NAPWA knew that more than $700,000 was unaccounted for or missing, according to media reports. NAPWA’s President Frank Oldham, Jr. was slated to resign Dec. 31, but left earlier in the year,

Repeating Koch’s Biggest Blunder

Tweet Few people remember Mayor Edward Koch regretting anything, much less anything he fought tooth and nail for, and belligerently. Tucked into the New York Times obituary Feb. 1 was a little-known fact that Koch, who championed the closure of Harlem’s Sydenham Hospital, later acknowledged privately that he regretted closing it. Despite fierce community opposition

We Need to Recognize Conscience
In Provision of Reproductive Services

Tweet The Obama Administration made a concession to Catholic leaders yesterday, bowing to conscience-based refusals to subsidize contraception coverage. At the same time, a compromise was struck enabling women who work for Catholic nonprofit institutions to use separate insurance plans independent from the church to obtain coverage for contraception at no out-of-pocket cost. The National