Patient POV’s Most Popular and Important Posts in 2012

Tweet Here they are: the most popular and important posts on Patient POV this year: The Top 10 Reasons Why Warren Buffett’s to Treat Prostate Cancer Bugs Me This post got me on the radio for the very first time in my life a very short segment on Ira Flatow’s Science Friday. I love radio

Healthcare System Fail: Let’s Get Serious About Disparities

Tweet AKA The Billie Holiday Blues on Christmas: A Friend Gets Tertiary Level Care at a Low-Quality Hospital It’s the day before Christmas and I’ve been involved in a medical crisis that nobody ever wants to face. Someone I know, who is an insured minority male, was taken to the closest hospital to his house.

End-of-Year Donations Help World’s Poor Get Basic Health

Tweet Patient POV tends to take up issues concerning American healthcare policy and patients in the United States. But we’ve just had a national election and the American public clearly rejected steps backward in healthcare. Considering that this is the holiday season, which means giving for so many people, I’d like to suggest that readers