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Why Sanofi’s Zaltrap Deal Won’t Help Patients

I got excited when I read the New York Times story Nov. 9 (“Sanofi Halves Price of Cancer Drug Zaltrap After Sloan-Kettering Rejection)”. Zaltrap is an intravenous infusion drug for metastatic colorectal cancer. It is used for advanced cancer that … Continue reading

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Mental Health for the 99% Following Hurricane Sandy

Two weeks after Hurricane Sandy and a Nor’Easter that left thousands of New Yorkers without light, heat, and power for weeks, many New Yorkers were understandably shaken. Some had endured 911 and the disruption, though of an entirely different cause, … Continue reading

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Top 10 Issues Driving My Vote for Obama

Obamacare Upcoming Supreme Court appointments Roe v. Wade Same sex marriage Preservation of Medicare and Medicaid Planned Parenthood The Dream Act Climate change Lily Ledbetter Act Saving FEMA This list is hardly exhaustive. Got friends or relatives wavering this morning. … Continue reading

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