Patient POV’s Best of 2011

Tweet Here’s my “best of 2011” Patient POV, based on discussion, feedback, and commentary from readers and bloggers. 1. Writing About Alzheimer’s and Dementia Gets Complicated. Be careful what you wish for: do we want more people screened for Alzheimer’s disease, put on questionable drugs, is the amyloid hypothesis our best bet? Think carefully before

Heading Into Flu Season, Vaccination Rates Could Be Better

Tweet Flu vaccination rates jumped up after the H1N1 flu epidemic in 2002, and it is no wonder: young people, seemingly healthy with strong immune systems, and many more, succumbed to the flu. Deaths, respiratory distress, and coma had a face. Until then, deadly flu and debilitating complications seemed remote. In fact, vaccine experts like

Terminology Matters: Let’s Not Call It “Prostate Cancer”

Tweet If ever there was a bombshell at a National Institutes of Health Consensus Development  meeting, it happened today at the panel on active surveillance for prostate cancer.  The Panel said that terminology matters and that men who have PSA screening results that read 10 ngs or less with a Gleason Score of 6 or