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How Avoidable are Hospital Readmissions for Heart Failure?

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Tweet I knew an elderly man who suffered from heart failure. Every few years, he would get to the point where he couldn’t walk very far, his feet swelled, and he had repeated hospitalizations to get stabilized and get his … Continue reading

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Underused, Shingles Vaccine Beset with Problems

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Tweet If you talk with people who have had shingles, many will tell you that it took a terrible toll on them and that they wish that they could forget about the entire experience. Some can’t. “Freddy” had shingles three … Continue reading

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Testosterone Replacement Trials Proceed Slowly

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Tweet (part 2 of 2 posts) Alerting men to screening and treatment for low testosterone may get them in to their doctors faster, but they may be astounded to learn that the science in the field is wanting. The National … Continue reading

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Caveat Emptor: Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Ads for Testosterone Replacement Therapy Soar

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Tweet “Ted,” a 50-year-old bicycle racer from Philadelphia, saw his primary care doctor for the last time several months ago– when he was advised to start testosterone replacement therapy. “Your labs are excellent,” said Ted’s doctor. “I’d like to frame … Continue reading

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Looking for a Doctor

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Tweet Guest Post by Esther Cohen Many people I know, of every age and proclivity, are looking for a new doctor. Even if they have one already. A good doctor’s not easy to find. We have, many of us, moved … Continue reading

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