Patient POV On Vacation

Tweet I won’t be posting very much for the next 10 days. Vacation beckons. I am off to Cape via Provincetown tomorrow and then on to Martha’s Vineyard. Spent a lovely long weekend in the Boston area and in New Hampshire with family and friends. I should be back in early August. Stay cool!!

When the Pharmaceutical Benefit Manager
Won’t Let You Go On Vacation

Tweet I  leave for vacation in the morning and it was not music to my ears when I heard that the pharmaceutical benefit manager (PBM), the company that reviews your drug use for your health plan or employer, denied an early refill for a maintenance medication. At 4 PM, my local drugstore told me that

My $5,000 Tooth and the Institute of Medicine Dental Report

Tweet What a coincidence! The Institute of Medicine released a report today titled Improving Access to Oral Health Care for Vulnerable and Underserved Populations and I am one step further in my saga of trying to save a tooth! It is looking good in the save-the-tooth department, but this dental care is breaking my wallet.

Inattention to Drug Safety in the Elderly
Leaves Generations At Risk

Tweet This post originally appeared in a slightly different form in Scientific American’s guest blog on June 30, 2011. My frail, 92-year-old mother was prescribed 80 mg of the cholesterol-lowering drug, or statin, simvastatin (Zocor) for years, possibly decades. She fell four times in the last four years of her life: the last fall was