After New York Passes Lesbian and Gay Marriage,
A Challenge to the Media

Tweet I am thrilled to be a New Yorker today!! Marriage is a fundamental right for all Americans. But it is far from over.  I am troubled that so many of my peers ignore lesbian and gay issues, leaving it for someone else to cover. And I am not talking about the obvious villains here

Conservative Drug Prescribing:
A Plea for Principles and Action

Tweet Does the concept of “conservative drug prescribing,” where doctors evaluate your medical history, examine you thoroughly, and think of ways to help you, without reaching for the latest new pill, mean much to you? If your experience is anything like mine—and I am in basically good health with no serious conditions, I have seen

Really!!: 30% of Employers Will Drop Health Insurance by 2014

Tweet The week opened with this scary bit of front-page news, linking it directly to Obama’s health overhaul. I counted 173 accounts of the study on Google. I have to say that many early accounts seemed to paraphrase a press release, without critical review.  I was immediately skeptical, thinking that the report by McKinsey &

On DES 40th Anniversary, Reflections
From A DES Daughter and Genetics Author

Tweet Join me in welcoming guest blogger, Ricki Lewis, a long-time science writer/textbook author /geneticist /professor since circa 1980. Her narrative nonfiction book, “The Forever Fix: Gene Therapy and the Boy Who Saved It,” will be published by St. Martin’s Press in early 2012. This post  appeared on Ricki Lewis’ blog, GeneticLinkage, with the headline:

LGBT Healthcare: Out of the Closet in New York

Tweet Credit: To Treat Me, You Have to Know Who I am, National LGBT Cancer Network, NY LGBT healthcare took a giant step forwards in New York City last week, with the announcement that New York City’s Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC), AKA the City’s public hospital system of 11 hospitals, community health centers, and